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Compact and lightweight design

Learn about the power and superior performance of Portable Power Stations and how we can meet your needs and requirements.


Long-lasting Battery Life

Portable Power Stations often have high-capacity batteries that can provide a constant and stable power supply for electronic devices without power access.

Fast Charging

Support fast charging technology, can be fully charged in a short period of time for electronic devices, reducing charging time and improving efficiency.


Compact and lightweight design, easy to carry and store. Users can take them outdoors, to construction sites or other places where temporary power is needed.

Multiple Output Ports

With a variety of output ports, such as AC, DC, USB, etc., it can power multiple electronic devices at the same time to meet the changing needs of different devices.

Safety Features

Built-in multiple safety protection functions, such as short-circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection, etc., to ensure the safety of equipment and users during use.

eco energy saving

using clean energy, avoiding the use of fossil energy, saving energy resources and friendly to the environment.

custom solutions

Tailor-made Power Solutions for Your Business

Our custom solutions cater to the unique power requirements of different industries and applications


A Decade of . Solutions

With 10 years of experience in energy storage battery production, Insoer is a leading brand committed to providing top-notch portable power solutions to the European and American markets. Our products have passed stringent international certifications such as UL, FCC, ROHS, CE (EMC, LVD), PSE, RCM, and KC, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Our core competencies lie in our extensive industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated customer support. At Insoer, our vision is to empower businesses and individuals with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions, driving innovation and success in the global market

Stringent Quality Standards: We follow strict quality standards throughout the production process. Each Portable Power Station undergoes multiple quality control checks, including component inspections, assembly testing, and performance evaluations.

Comprehensive Testing Procedures: Our dedicated quality control team conducts rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of product reliability. This includes thorough performance testing, safety assessments, and adherence to industry-specific standards.

Compliance and Certifications: Our Portable Power Stations meet international compliance requirements and hold relevant certifications, such as CE, RoHS, and FCC. These certifications validate the safety, quality, and environmental sustainability of our products.

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